Buffalo Personal Injury Attorneys

An injury from a motor vehicle accident, slip and fall or other incident can prevent you from working and require extensive medical treatment. Not only are the logistics of dealing with an injury challenging, but your quality of life is changed and you are forced to deal with recovering from unanticipated injuries as well.

Verrastro & Todoro, LLP is led by a team of experienced Buffalo personal injury attorneys who are ready to help you with your case. We take a proactive, solutions-driven approach to working with our clients and try to get the best possible result under the given circumstances.

Our Personal Injury Practice — Comprehensive Representation

We undertake all the legal burdens of your claim so you do not have to worry about your case, but focus on your recovery process. It's overwhelming to deal with missing work, medical bills and getting treatment from a qualified medical professional. Working with Verrastro & Todoro, LLP can help alleviate many of the burdens you would have to deal with if you didn't have legal counsel.

We handle personal injury claims involving:

We have the skills to handle all types of injuries, from broken bones/fractures to traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and spinal cord injuries/paralysis. When you come to us, we are prepared to be your advocates throughout the entirety of your claim.

Insurance Coverage In New York

New York has "no-fault" insurance coverage, which means that regardless of who is at fault for the accident, there are benefits available to cover your injuries. This could be benefits under both your own and the negligent driver's policy. The insurance element of a personal injury claim isn't always easy, which makes working with an attorney even more important. There are limitations on policies that you may not be aware of, and our attorneys will handle the complicated legal aspects of working with the insurance company.